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PE in the Sunshine – 19th April

PE in the Sun 19th April

Diorama Homework Project – 2nd March

As part of a homework project the children were asked to make a Diorama based around the story they are writing about in literacy.  We were blown away by the effort all the children made, they are all absolutely awesome.  A massive well done to all the children.

Visit from Mike Nicholson, Author – 27th February

We were very lucky to get a visit from Mike Nicholson, Author.  He held two interactive presentations all about books and writing stories.


Digital Film Making – Campbeltown Picture House

The children are learning lots about making stop motion animations.  Each week there are learning different techniques to bring their animation together.

Outdoor Paired Reading – 27th January

The children enjoyed reading their books outside today.

Christmas Party Fun – 21st December


Christmas Lunch & Jumper – 9th December

We all enjoyed a very tasty lunch on Friday, it was full tummies and smiles all around.  A big thank you to Louise our Catering Manager for the delicious lunch. We raised £26 for Save the Children, a big thank you to everyone.

Children in Need 2022- 18th November

The children enjoyed lots of Pudsey activities throughout the day and finished with a yummy Teddy Bear’s Picnic.

Queen’s Jubilee Trust – 15th November

The P6 and P7’s had a day out at MACC where they were planting trees as part of the Queen’s Jubilee Trust.   They all had a lovely day and, it was great to be involved in this wonderful project.

Paired Reading  – 4th November

We took our paired reading out into the woods today; it’s amazing how calming nature can be and how it can enhance our learning.

Halloween Party- 31st October

There was lots of Halloween party fun and games.  All the costumes were fantastic, well done.

Maths Open Afternoon – 30th September

We held an open afternoon to show all our families how number is taught throughout the primary (explaining approaches such as SEAL and number talks).  The children then gave their families some activities to try out.

The children then performed two beautiful songs from the terms fishing topic.  The children also made some delicious scones to go with some rea and coffee for everyone.

Thanks to everyone for a wonderful afternoon.

Remembering our Queen – 16th September

On Friday the children spent some time thinking about the Queen and her life, then made beautiful decorated plates to commemorate her long reign.

ELC Spa Day – 9th September

Virtual Games – 7th September

The children enjoying being active in the sunshine this week, doing some virtual games for PE.

IDL – Visit from Local Fisherman – 5th September

Last Monday we had a very special visit from a local fisherman, Lachie Paterson.  He helped us find out more about fishing in the village’s past, showed us how to repair nets and splice a rope as well as introduce a new friend!!  Our thanks go to Mr Paterson for giving us his time and wealth of knowledge and experience. (We would like to point out that no animals were harmed during our meeting and Gerald the lobster was safely returned to the sea after is visit.)

Harbour Visit- 29th August

This term our Interdisciplinary Learning is all about Fishing, Forestry and other local industries.  The children enjoyed a visit to the harbour to meet Mr John Willis, Assistant Harbour Master.  Mr Willis told the children all about his job and what happens on a working harbour.  He also had some very important jobs for the children.  They had to find the grid reference using a GPS device for the lifebuoy and they got to use a radio to check in with the workers on the Fish Farm Barge.  A big thank you to Mr Willis, the children had a wonderful time.

Fun at the Beach – 29th June


Visit to Drumfearne Tearoom – 28th June

We were kindly invited to visit Drumfearne Tearoom  for some tasty treats on Tuesday.  We all had a wonderful time and we would like to say a BIG thank you to Vitold and Zhanna for all the scrumptious cakes and for making us feel so welcome.

Sport’s Day – 17th June

We visited Drumlemble Primary School on Friday 24th for our sports day, which we had to hold inside due to the lovely Scottish weather!!  There were 8 different teams competing and it was lovely to see all the children encouraging their team mates.  The children also had a very special sports day visit from Ziggy, Road Safety Scotland.  The children from Nursery, Primary 1 and 2 won a competition by learning a road safety song in Makaton.  The children had a fun filled day and Ziggy also took part in some of the races.

Parent Open Day – 8th June

On Wednesday 8th June we held a Parent Open Day, it was lovely yo welcome parents and carers back into school. The children loved sharing their school environment and learning from throughout the year.  It was also wonderful to get some feedback and ideas.

Queen’s Jubilee Celebrations – 1st June

It was a beautiful day for our Jubilee celebrations.  The children enjoyed lots of different activities followed by a marvellous tea party.


Environmental Art – Sand Sculptures – 4th May

This week the children visited Carradale Bay to make their own unique sand sculptures.  All the creations were amazing and the children work very hard.  We are so lucky to have such wonderful beaches on our doorstep.

Artwork in the Woods – 27th April

As part of IDL the children have chosen different locations within the village to create their own unique artwork.  Each week the children will pick different materials to use.  For the first week the children went to Crow Wood and used different paints.

Easter Hunt Fun – 1st April

The children enjoyed a hunt in the woods looking for different eggs that had a rhyme on them.  They were put into teams and given clues.  Everyone had lots of fun, it was eggtastic!!

Assembly – 24th March

For assembly this week the children were tasked with being classroom architects!  We discussed what makes our school feel safe and nurturing, before the children got a go at redesigning their classroom spaces to make them as welcoming and comfortable for learning as possible.  We really were blown away by their super ideas!  Watch this space for changes to come…

Young Leaders Group – 23rd March

The children were very luck to take part in a sports club run by two young leaders from Campbeltown Grammar School.  The weather was fantastic and the leaders took advantage of this, organising running games followed by a game of rounders.  The children had great fun, thank you to CGS pupils and Active Schools for this excellent opportunity.

Delicious Pancakes – Shrove Tuesday, 1st March

The children had lots of fun decorating and eating delicious pancakes, yummy!!

Our Garden and Den – 15th February

Some picture of the children preparing the planters and clearing out the den in the forest.

Robert Burns Celebrations – 25th January

The children enjoyed a day learning about Robert Burns and Scottish culture.  We had a fantastic Burns poetry recital, art activities and Scottish food and drinking tasting.  It was braw!!

Science Challenge at Carradale Bay – 14th January

Outdoor Maths – Number Bonds – 11th January

Festive Fun – December

The children have been enjoying some lovely festive activities and creating some beautiful crafts.

Assembly – 2nd December

The focus over the last few weeks for our Assemblies has been Nurture.  We have been exploring what a nurturing school sounds like, feels like and looks like.  We have also been looking at the qualities a nurturing member of staff should possess.  The children have had some amazing ideas.

Children in Need – 19th November

There was lots of fun for Children in Need this year.  The children enjoyed lots of activities including; decorating Pudsey biscuits, a Pudsey hunt, Pudsey colouring and painting and some funky dancing.

A big thank you to all the children and staff for support this event, an amazing total of £49.50 was raised.

Assembly – 18th November

The focus for our assembly this week was nurture.  The children had a short discussion about what they think nurture is.  Afterwards they worked together in groups and wrote down their ideas about what they think a nurturing school sounds like/looks like and feels like.  There was some fantastic ideas shared between the groups, well done everyone.

Bookbug Session – 12th November

Firework Art – 3rd November

The children had fun creating some amazing firework art using paints and different craft materials.

Happy Halloween – 29th October

The children had a Spooktacular time, enjoying lots of fun activities and games for Halloween.  All the children made a fantastic effort and looked awesome in their Halloween outfits.  Well done.

Science – Forces 26th October

This week’s science lesson was all about forces.  As part of this, the children explored using magnets, learned about mass/weight and investigated how the angle of a slope affects the speed in which objects travel.

Spooky Stories – 7th October

The children from P4, P5 and P6 have been writing some spectacular spooky stories.   They also created some amazing front covers, well done.